Hi guys...

its been a busy 6 months for me.  I have established a customer base.  I manged to also do my first shoe exhibition at a fashion show..that was exciting.  Have to get used to such events.

We’re  more than a month and a week into the New Year and I’m JUST getting my life together. While you may say I’m off to a slow start, but my year is starting off richer than anything I could have expected!
I do have a handful of reSOULutions. I emphasize the SOUL because there are so many things I need to change from deep down in order for 2014 to yield the sort of results I need. I’ll share a one with you, and hopefully you’ll just see a change in my blog, and know I’ve been praying about a lot more than what you may be aware of. Maybe you’re praying for a development for me that I don’t even know about! lol

TO BE FEARLESS AND BE ME! - I don’t have time to doubt things or be self conscious. If I put the things I dream about into words, you would all think I’m nuts. I think I’m nuts all the time. ‘To be fearless and to be me’ is one of my 2014 ReSOULution. I pray to feel comfortable and confident, and I pray for guidance as I follow my heart and navigate life.  And guys you' ll definately see pictures of meee this year...

 One of my models in my latest leather slippers. With changeable chitenge straps.
 What I wore: A pink Chitenge bracelet top/Crop top with high waisted ripped jeans with matching chitenge loafers and matching purse..sorry did not take a picture of them.

 A smile for a happy 2014 to all my readers.  Sorry for the silence on the DIY projects... see the picture below for more to come.  I will show you ow I make earrings from money clips...lol.  My friend laughed when she saw me start..am not crazy.


Orange tribe

Working in prints


lunch with girls

kente outfit