Hi friends.  I hope you are all fine. Today started with a work meeting till noon.  So after work I decided to take my daughter out to the salon and later visit a friend of mine in the farms.  The warm sun was a nice way to awaken the senses to the day’s endeavors. When I spotted this friend’s accessory repertoire, a thought popped into my head. As you may remember, a few days back I did  a Chitenge fusion post with boy friend jeans.  Beaded accessories always add a mix of modern fashion and the Afro chic touch.

 Today I would like to focus on beading.  I think Bollywood has set a trend for ornate detailing on clothing, footwear and accessories. I believe that exotic patterns like African and tribal prints have followed a similar track to the runways.  Versatile beaded jewelry inspired from a different culture is a great place to start spicing up an outfit. Not only can it save you money on a student budget but it makes for a clever way to be different! It also adds color.  My friend expressed her love for story pieces like tribal patterns and jewelry that has a raw edge, connected to nature and AFRICA in bracelets or rings or earrings (I love every piece she has done from as far back as 1998) lol!! She made something with seeds. While these pieces are all magnificent today, she also said in order to ground this look she has to pair it all with classic elements and you will see from the pictures of what she makes which can go with anything.

In   traditional African wear we see a lot of bright colors – vibrant, loud and rich! This can be seen in jewelry, footwear and dress, specifically in their skilled bead work that’s involved in garments. Beaded garments retain the colors of the unembellished versions, but the details are configured into tribal and geometric patterns.

Now this fabulous lady used African-inspired beading in a new way to complete her outfit. Instead of her using a necklace to finish the ensemble she wore a tribal inspired neck piece and earrings to satisfy the whole look.  That lady is a very good friend of mine (like a sister)...Miss Liseli A.  Zambian and Lozi.

She is the founder of Wild Spirit Accessories.  Very good with her hands.  She has always had a creative mind..and i have known her from as far back as 1998 when we met in boarding school (Fatima Girls High School).  We instantly clicked as friends and we have never looked back.  The pictures here will show the work she does. 

Entering the new year together (2010).  Friends for ever!  Flash back

 During a cultural day.  She made all her accessories

 The Beaded Africa

 Wild Spirit Accessories.  Beautiful pieces.

 Model in Wild Spirit Accessories

 This is me (KaKKi)  after I had my baby in August 2011.  I wore brown Wild Spirit beaded earrings (Liseli gave me the earrings in 2009 as a birthday present.

 With her sisters

She started this way back.  Notice her earrings in all the pictures.  She always incorporated the accessories in what she wore.  Way back in 2008..2009..flashback!!
 With her boo...
Liseli and I..Good old days

Fill free to make orders for these accessories.  Also check out the Wild Spirit facebook page https://www.facebook.com/wildspirit.accessories

Have a fab weekend!!