The other day...I received a lovely email/message from my sister.   I have been sharing some of my interests...goals and plans for the future.  I guess its a good to thing to have someone listen to you.  My husband woke up one day and said "sweet what you mentioned 2 days ago is a brilliant idea." Go for it!!

And later i received the email from my follow the link.
FROM DESTINY weekly newsletter....

 'You may know exactly where you’re heading in life but have you made your intentions known? Simply setting clearly defined goals for yourself is not enough to ensure they’re achieved. Once you know what you’re looking for you need to tell those that will help you along the way. Aiming for a promotion? Tell your boss. Writing a book? Contact a publisher. Buying a house? Consult your financial adviser. Better yet, make sure you have a trusted group of family and friends who’ll be an unwavering support base as you navigate unexpected challenges on the road to your destiny. There’s nothing wrong with being independent, but the mark of a truly meaningful achievement is one that is shared. '



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