Zambian women...or must I say African women are just beautiful.  Today I am showing the few times I got pictures in Chitenge or African Prints.  In Zambia..this piece of cloth/material is used for just about everything, from walking around in the house playing around, to using it as a baby sling, is worn during special functions aswell. Women make lovely outfits to fit their body size aswel.  Its sold in posh stores, in markets, on the street and well known venders in Kamwala- Lusaka.

 I wore a pink, yellow and blue chitenge skirt at my bridal shower breakfast.  You can see the mix in colors just makes Chitenges stand out..I just love the prints.  I chose this design coz i wanted to use this high waisted skirt for another function with a yellow vest(show pics later).  I combined this with a satin top with lace sleeves.

  Then later last year I attended my friends bridal shower were her friends and relatives were dressed in Chitenge.  It was beautiful as all the ladies came out in different and unique designs.

Highwaisted chitenge skirt with top and lace sleeves.

                                Peplum Chitenge Dress i put a little pink belt to color block :))
                                                   My girls in different designs.

Prints again...Chitenge can be made to fit ones at the Oktober fest at fringila..i wore a peplum print skirt paired with a blue vest and orange over the shoulder purse.  It had blue, orange, black and white.

Chitenge is being worn all over the is similar to kitenges,  kangas and kikoy, but are of a thicker cloth, and have an edging only on a long side. KenyaUgandaTanzania, and Sudan are some of the African countries where chitenge is worn. In MalawiNamibia and Zambia, Chitenge is known as kitenge.


Chitenge suit

Preety Chitenge dress

Chitenge skirt

 Below are a couple of designs by Box Kitten

Other lovely prints

 Below are a couple of designs by Box Kitten

Stayed blogged for more on Chitenge prints...

Chitenge fever!!!


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  1. Do you have a reference for these designs?