Braid up do hairstyle

Hi, today i decided to share my hair look.  I must say i also like being unique and different sometimes.  With these hairstyles I cant lie I have had awkward moments were I'd catch someone staring at me...and guess what i would do....'evil look'...HAAaa just joking. I smile back!!!
This is my latest look. 

This one has the braids falling way down my back.  See the pics below for the way I have changed it time and again.  Am a with braids i always want to try to experiment.  To help you find other styles for your natural hair let me help you with some sites/blogs I check.  Afro, Twists, Braids.. you can never go wrong.  If you also need protective hairstyles..You can hola. Let me know what you can check out this link (Thirsty roots).

Afro and braid Up do.....late lunch with friends

Here i used a dark brown twisted braid side up do - On Christmas holiday

Made a side up do - Lunch with friends and my daughter

Here i made the up do look like a table cut - Party at a friends place (with Hubby)



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