Chitenge Fusion: Monday things


as we approach African Freedom day, a day that was dedicated by our fathers to the total liberation of Africa from colonialism.  The day can rightly be said to have been the brainchild of Ghana's founding Prime Minister (later President) the late Osagefyo Dr Kwame Nkrumah.

Let us as Africans be proud of where we come from, what we have and our beautiful continent.  Let us be free to express ourselevs.

I will be making posts of how to dress with Chitenge.  Helping you have an idea of incorprating it not just for special functions but for everyday.  By the end of May 2013 you will be able to fuse in the African prints with anything. So wtach this space as I am the Chitenge stylist for you.


Have a smart preety dress with a bright bag.  A pop of colour from the Chitenge dress, the blues and the gold in the accessories and bag make the yellow from the dress pop love.
 Would you wear this??

I call this a kimono dress, or a wrap around chitenge dress.  I like the fuchsia bag (dark pink), earings and bangles that are matched with the chtenge dress.  It brings out a pop of colour. 
Would you wear this?

A peplum yellow chitenge top accessories wth chitenge fabric buttons, a black skirt/ trousers and yellow pumps. 
Would you wear this??


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