Chitenge Design Alert: Chitenge Patchwork for Men & Women

Patchwork is a type of needlework in which pieces of small material are sewn together to make a much larger finished piece, such as a quilt or a skirt. While patchwork has its origins in a desire to use up scraps of fabric or to rework older garments, it has evolved into an art form in several countries around the world.   I have a Chitenge I use as a head wrap so i cut out a few pieces to patch on a pair of capri pants and with the same fabric made the fabric beaded necklace.

DIY Patchwork design

What You will need
Sewing machine
Pair of scissors

Then i used the same material to make my fabric beaded necklace...What you can do with Chitenge. lol!!
Some very beautiful examples of patchwork can be seen in museum collections, or in private homes, where quilts may be passed down through several generations.

There are numerous different styles of patchwork, ranging from block quilting to crazy quilting. Styles like block quilting are very carefully arranged, using repeating patterns to build up a larger finished textile, while crazy quilting is freehanded, with pieces of all different shapes and sizes being sewn together. The finished patchwork product may be further ornamented with embroidery, appliqué, and other accents, depending on the taste of the craftsperson.

In quilting, patchwork is used to make the top layer of a quilt. A layer of batting is placed between the patchwork and a single sheet on the bottom of the quilt, or patchwork may be used to make both outer layers. The pieces of patchwork are sewn together with lines of thread which break the quilt up into small sections, ensuring that the stuffing remains evenly distributed for the life of the quilt. In some cases, the quilting may be accomplished with tufts which are tied off at even intervals, to accomplish the same effect.

I have used scraps of material to make preety jewrlery for myself.  This time around I patch a pair of capri pants with some chitenhge from my ealry beaded fabric chitenge necklace.

See more intersting patchwork pieces.  Would you have a patchwork outfit?

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