Chitenge Design Alert : Crop top (ROCKING the MIDRIFF)


The 90s are back with a bang and the crop top is a well known part of this fashion haze.  A few celebs, fashion bloggers, one or two freinds have been spotted revealing their midriffs.  In Zed we would say one is wearing a 'shabbadu'. lol

The crop top trend was in vogue last year and is still thriving in 2013.  Why should we all want to reveal our midriffs? Crop trend can look smart and chic if worn right, and it can also go terribly wrong if not worn the right way.  We all know that not all of us have the guts to pull of total exposure like the way the queen of midriffs does: this is the none other than RIHANNA.  Good news is that you don't need to look like Rihanna to pull off this trend, curvaceous people can also pull off this look; Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing a high waisted peplum skirt  with a crop top and she looked fab.  There's a whole range of midriff exposing tops on the market, from peek-a-boo to bra lets, form body hugging to boxy crop tops to tailor made.....and yes with  your own tailor and Chitenge/Vitenge yoou could try. 

In the 90s this was worn with buggy jeans.  When I was a kid i could remember even lossening the button to tie a note on my waist to make the top shorter.  lol but now this is back and banging in a stylish and classy manner.

Though the trend is not for every one because it needs serious features before it can be rocked but if styled properly and with the right length they can emphasize the narrowest part of the body and make you look stylish.

Now with african prints

I used to tie my shirts like this.  I think the high waisted trousers look good.

Thankyou for reading.

What do you think??  Will you join Riri in this 90s trend?? Yay or Nay

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