Chitenge Design Alert: Chitenge Trousers

Yes...that Chitenge trousers or tuxedo stlye.  Even barbie can rock those chitenge trousers, shorts, jumpsuits...why dont you give it a try.  I have two pairs: a green patch work trousers and a dark red...all made from Chitenge. 

I think if one can rock the colored jeans..leggings..then they should try some colored Chitenge trousers...'just a thought'

High waisted Chitenge trousers
Chitenge Shorts
Chitenge tuxedo suit
Chitenge Skinnys
Chitenge Bell Bottoms

Would you rock the Chitenge two piece/ trousers?

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  1. Woow.. this is really lovely, so where are you found and how much do you charge for all this lovely work? Am lovely all of them.. #Proud