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I like to wear my wraps with anything. These days I find myself dressing them up which I absolutely love.  Recently it is very cold and windy and to protect my hair as well as keep my head warm I went for the head wraps. I love wrap styles during this time of the year and are finding creative ways to wear them using fabrics or scarves that I already own. I also once read that African head wraps are a way of bringing out the beauty in our face and to avoid people looking ONLY at our bodies first!! lol.  Today, I have wrap styles to show to you.  We love your comments.
What you need:
- You can use a scarf
- Any fabric
- Chitenge/Ankara fabric

You also have to know June Ambrose she has lovely head wrap styles.

African head wraps have been part of African History and Culture for yearsssssssss. They come in many shapes and sizes. For example; The well known Chitambala (Headscarf/head wrap) for Zambian women.  Or the Nigerian Gele head wrap is made of colorful cloths. You can get any color of design you want. As long as it can be used to wrap and tie on to your head.  Rastafarians also wear headwraps.

African head wraps are a way of connecting with culture and history,  and some just like how it looks lol.
The colors of Head wraps have different meanings and also for a man to wear a head wrap is different from a woman. Both have different meanings.  It is believed that African cultures used head wraps before the days of slavery so that men could show off their wealth and the level of their social status and so that women could prove that they were prosperous and spiritual. << Or so i read! The great thing about Head wraps is, you can adjust it any way you like. Big, small, short, tall! lol

 A lot of modern day girls wear their headwraps with some of their hair showing, i personally like to wear it with all my hair hidden. It feels and looks more traditional. Weather you wear a Gele/head wrap or not, you should appreciate the beauty and culture that comes with them. To be serious, i think women look 1000 times more beautiful with a head wrap than hair extension! lol << please take note girls :p

The head wrap often formed from the printed wax materials are used for purposes ranging from religious requirements, hiding a bad hair day and its use as an adornment or an accessory. Trends come and go but there are still things that individuals hold on to even though that fashion trend is dead and gone, waiting to evolve again in a new era in the fashion world.

 30 day styles...


 More pictures to tell the story...

Skinny Hipster in a headwarp

Brenda Mofya


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  2. I recently visited Guinea and was intrigued with the diversity of head wraps and amazed how well they stay put, even when women were dancing enthusiastically. I did a blog post about the women's dresses and someone asked about the significance of the head wraps. Appreciate reading and seeing your work!!!

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  4. These head wraps are looking so beautiful. I really want to know how to tie a scarves in the head. I appreciate this thank you. Thanks to sharing the great information.


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