Traditional Style we like: Zambia


today i decided to give you a taste of Zambian style.  These are pictures of a good friend of mine who has always been stylish regardless of what she is wears.  Her hair..her makeup and everything on point. 

My friend is Lozi so these are are pictures of an African attire.  The traditional Lozi dress called the MUSISI.  The bold colors are just beautiful.

I just love this head dress

 Traditional Lozi dress for a wedding.  This is so unique..she was a bridesmaids on her brothers wedding were she wore a lovely Musisi.  The bride was dressed in a purple and white Musisi.  Preety!!

Musisi with a modern touch

 Zambian Kitchen party/Bridal shower.  She adds a lovely head dress and purse.  Just on point.

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  1. Does anyone hire out musisi's? My friend is looking fo one for bridal party bt it doesn't make sense to buy them any ideas would be welcome

    1. Hi thanks for stopping by..I have asked around and no one I know seems to know anyone that hires. But tailor made?? there are a number of tailors that make them.

  2. Replies
    1. You are welcome. Am glad u got inspired. Hope you made a plan.xx

  3. Lovely outfits. I have been told the original floor length dresses were inspired by the crinolines worn by wives of settlers and missionaries who came to Zambia from the UK during the reign of Queen Victoria in the 1800's. The headgear is certainly not to do with the Victorian women , they wore bonnets : )

  4. Such a beautiful blog with the latest trends and styles of traditional dresses of women in Zambia. Just a great post. Thanks and keep sharing....