Chitenge Blazers/ Jackets

Hi...lets blaze it out!!  Will Chitenge fabric ever get boring?? Noooo! This seems impossible.   Not with the untold creativeness of African designers home and abroad and of course the insatiable urge of fashionistas both  young and old.  Chitenge blazers/jackets...I soo love them.  Easy to style from casuals, to chic, to corporate..its fun, vibrant and adds a really lovely touch of style to your outfit.  Be adventurous..its a staple style item to own.

Trendy and cute as they appear, chitenge jackets are good for all kinds of events.  They can be worn both on weekdays and weekends.  You can pair them on any choice of pant or skirt.  Just pick a cool color for the office and feel free on you informal dates to experiment with more colorful ones as much as you can. 

Blaze it out!!

Stay stylish