Design Alert: Chitenge and Chiffon

Helloo, i hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Soccer weekend it was for Zambians (Zambia Vs Lesotho) with scores 4 -0 ...Zambia won!! (:-)   I thought about sharing this type of design with you. Its not the first time I have seen it one someone..but I know its not something someone makes everyday.   I am always excited to throw a post when the ideas hit my little mind.  The last time i gave you tips on the chitenge and lace..which is a briliant combo.  Chiffon is flowy fabric, light..and matching it with an African print wouldnt be a bad idea.  Chiffon garment with chitenge is very flattering to all body sizes. You can definately find chiffon in fabric stores.  I remember when preparing for my nuptials laast year, i wanted my bridesmaids in chiffon dresses but that all changed later.  You could buy chiffon and chitenge and make a dress that has a -floor-sweeping silhouette guaranteed to woo the masses or that special someone. It is elegant and can be worn to that perfect summer wedding, church, evening function etc. For a total chic head to toe ensemble, pair this dress with mid heel strappy sandals, or flats, or slippers.  You could also have a chiffon top that can be joined to a chitenge skirt or shorts.  Which ever way but let the creativity in you come out.

thankyou for stopping by and reading.


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