KaKKi: What Chitenge skirt are you??

Not in the mood for a dress sometimes? Don't forget the wonderful world of skirts! Perfect for dressing up or down an outfit - but which style for your beautiful figure? There are so many different styles of skirts that sometimes it can be difficult to know which one to choose. This is particularly relevant if you have to buy the plain old black skirt for work, and are faced with a wide range of polyester nightmares, grabbing the nearest one just to get it over with!
Don't despair! All it takes is a good look in the mirror and a little logic, and you'll be adding more skirts to your wardrobe before you know it.  Lets go get those Chitenge meteres and make a skirt.

What skirt are you??

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  1. Great compilation Kakki, I think I need more chitenge shirts in my collection.

    I'm loving this.

    1. Hello..thankyou for dropping a comment. You should embrase the material and the prints and definately add something chitenge to your collection and personal items.

  2. which outfit is perfect for someone who is attending a graduation ceremony and she's not the one graduating

  3. Wow.. I love your chitenge outfits..