Topic: Contouring and Highlighting

Hi today I am talking on a few makeup tips.  Sharing info as usual!!  Don't you ever wonder how your favorites celebrities like Kerry Washington, Angela Simmons, and even Kim Kardashian (love her or hate her)seem to always have insanely high cheekbones, a defined nose and flawless complexions. Their secret is contouring which gives an appearance of a slimmer face. Here’s how to contour your face like a celebrity in three easy steps.  Firstly do remember we all have different faces.


You can do it yourself or ask a makeup artist you trust for some guidance.  Am sure you'll have a few trails before you get it right.  You'll also need to make sure you collect the perfect tools for your makeup kit.  I am a Black Opal or IMAN or Sleek lady.  I get my blash from ColoreEvolution.

Areas to contour and highlight

This adds definition and structure to the face, which will give the appearance of a slimmer face. There are several products to use when contouring; powders, creams or liquid. For beginners and for a everyday makeup look, I would recommend using a bronzer or a darker shade of face powder for a natural contouring or the Sleek face contour kit.
Where to contour:
Hollows of your cheeks
Sides of the nose
When highlighting your face, attention will be drawn to those features and will make them stand out. There are shimmery and matte highlighters in powder or liquid formulas. Shimmery highlighters usually give the skin such a nice glow.
Where to highlight:
Top of the cheekbones
Centre of the forehead
Bridge of the nose

Contouring and highlighting is all about adding shadows and to highlight certain parts of your face, which makes the face look more dimensional. If highlighting and contouring isn’t a part of your makeup routine I definitely think you should give it a try, it certainly will take your makeup to the next level!
I have also put a link for Kim Kardashian advanced highlighting.

Also try to checkout the YouTube for tutorials...believe me there are a thousand videos ladies put up to show you how to do it with different products of your preference.  I have downloaded about 3 on my phone hahaaaha.  The first time I tried it with my black opal highlighter, powder and powder foundation i felt baked haahaa.

This time round we not talking of troubling the tailor..this time go ask your makeup artist to help you on this.  Get the right products puliiizzzzz!!  Something like..Sleek face makeup contour kit or Ben Nye Banana Powder..

More tips... and before and after looks


 Bride flawless look

It makes a difference.  Gives you a natural look and makes your face look slimmer.  Your homework is to try this out and find out what shades best suit you.

Do you contour and highlight your face?

Highlighting and contouring gone wrong.... too much under the eyes.

The internet is filled with so much information.  So this evening I decided to share the links.  Its always good to share information.  Check out tutorials below and search for more on you tube:

Thank you for reading and hope you found this helpful.


Wrap and Gooo!

Oh yes.. wrap skirts still exist.

Wrap shorts


Trend Alert: Side Panel Pants

The side-panel pants, once known as the tuxedo pants and typically reserved for menswear are the new “must have” pants for the ladies. With the clever positioning of a single vertical stripe, wearing these pants gives out the illusion of long legs.  It has also become common on dresses.

Photoshopped a complete tutorial on how to put together your own sassy pants.

 I particularly love side panel pants because they look chic for anybody.  I think it also helps celebrities make the decision to wear black or white pants so much easier (like the pics below). Not to mention the classic combination of black and white is forever a classic. This look is chic, effortless, can be dressed up with a blouse/blazer or worn casually with a tee or a sweatshirt. I would go for the African print with a plain color side panel like the first picture.  Would you try this???

You better trouble your tailor on this.  The simple tutorial has a link.  Stay stylish!!


Zambian Tradition: Kitchen Parties

Hello friends,

this past weekend was a special day for a bride.  She celebrated her bridal shower/kitchen party with family, future family for the bride and friends.   This is usually a female only event. The event was filled with bright colors women all dressed in colorful outfits, some with matching Chitenge (usually close friends and family committee members that help in all the preparations), lovely headgear and many with new hairstyles.   Guests are usually glammed up of the occasion. The bride looked beautiful (her dress made by Fay Designs)  and so did her guests.

During kitchen parties, the guests bring presents to furnish the bride’s kitchen and home to get her ready for married life, which on this occasion included pots, pans, plates, cutlery, electrical items, a kitchen dresser for storing everything and also giving cookers and fridges as presents.  In some kitchen parties monetary gifts are also given to the bride.   For most Zambian kitchen parties, one  fascinating thing is how the bride is expected to behave.  She cannot show any emotions, nor speak, during the party and spends the whole time staring, stony faced at her own feet or palms.  I remember mine..looking down felt like a naughty school girl sent to wait outside the headmaster’s

So yet again the use of a Chitenge comes... the bride was led into the party under cover of a chitenge, which only the groom/grooms female family members are permitted to remove This can be a 6 meter Chitenge/Ankara piece. Therefore, she has to sit covered, awaiting his arrival.  The groom comes with flowers/gifts in hand, to unveil his bride to be. Cute!!  Certain songs are sung during this process. The ins and outs of this would have to be explained to one in detail.

I just love the bright colors..the decor.  This celebration comes with the food and drinks served, speeches, readings and dancing(and I mean dancing). Its a celebration!!! Each of the guests took their turn to hand over their presents and whisper some advice to the bride. During this process the bride barely moves (sometimes hugs the guests or gives a smile)  and then only got up to be taken to inspect the presents. Finally at the end of the party with the guests clustering around her for photos was the bride allowed to smile.

Kitchen Party Glam!! Outside Lusaka

Rachael was a guest at the kitchen party and my client because I wrapped her pumps and made her a bangle for this occasion.  She had a pretty dress made from the Chitenge picked by the bride. 



The brides dress was made by Zambian Designer (Fay Designs)

Congratulations to the bride and groom and God bless!!

Thanks for reading.  Fill free to drop a comment.

God bless!