Removing Chitenge stickers/labels

Hi friends...just checking in on you.  Hope you are having a splendid day. 

How does one remove Chitenge labels and stickers? Once they're gone they tend to leave unfortunate and long-lasting evidence that they were there..either dust sits on them or one decides to wash the chitenge/fabric and the sticker becomes a total mess because washing only seems to make the adhesive want to cling stronger to the fabric. Fortunately, with a little time and very minimal effort, label glue stains can be lifted from clothing as though there was never anything there at all.

What you need: 
Warm Iron 

Turn the Chitenge..Let the stickers face down
 Iron the turned part/other side of the chitenge were the stickers are
 It peels of in a second

Thanks for stopping by.  Keep checking to see what I used this Chitenge for.  Pictures coming soon.


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