Trend Alert: Side Panel Pants

The side-panel pants, once known as the tuxedo pants and typically reserved for menswear are the new “must have” pants for the ladies. With the clever positioning of a single vertical stripe, wearing these pants gives out the illusion of long legs.  It has also become common on dresses.

Photoshopped a complete tutorial on how to put together your own sassy pants.

 I particularly love side panel pants because they look chic for anybody.  I think it also helps celebrities make the decision to wear black or white pants so much easier (like the pics below). Not to mention the classic combination of black and white is forever a classic. This look is chic, effortless, can be dressed up with a blouse/blazer or worn casually with a tee or a sweatshirt. I would go for the African print with a plain color side panel like the first picture.  Would you try this???

You better trouble your tailor on this.  The simple tutorial has a link.  Stay stylish!!


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