Zambian Tradition: Kitchen Parties

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this past weekend was a special day for a bride.  She celebrated her bridal shower/kitchen party with family, future family for the bride and friends.   This is usually a female only event. The event was filled with bright colors women all dressed in colorful outfits, some with matching Chitenge (usually close friends and family committee members that help in all the preparations), lovely headgear and many with new hairstyles.   Guests are usually glammed up of the occasion. The bride looked beautiful (her dress made by Fay Designs)  and so did her guests.

During kitchen parties, the guests bring presents to furnish the bride’s kitchen and home to get her ready for married life, which on this occasion included pots, pans, plates, cutlery, electrical items, a kitchen dresser for storing everything and also giving cookers and fridges as presents.  In some kitchen parties monetary gifts are also given to the bride.   For most Zambian kitchen parties, one  fascinating thing is how the bride is expected to behave.  She cannot show any emotions, nor speak, during the party and spends the whole time staring, stony faced at her own feet or palms.  I remember mine..looking down felt like a naughty school girl sent to wait outside the headmaster’s

So yet again the use of a Chitenge comes... the bride was led into the party under cover of a chitenge, which only the groom/grooms female family members are permitted to remove This can be a 6 meter Chitenge/Ankara piece. Therefore, she has to sit covered, awaiting his arrival.  The groom comes with flowers/gifts in hand, to unveil his bride to be. Cute!!  Certain songs are sung during this process. The ins and outs of this would have to be explained to one in detail.

I just love the bright colors..the decor.  This celebration comes with the food and drinks served, speeches, readings and dancing(and I mean dancing). Its a celebration!!! Each of the guests took their turn to hand over their presents and whisper some advice to the bride. During this process the bride barely moves (sometimes hugs the guests or gives a smile)  and then only got up to be taken to inspect the presents. Finally at the end of the party with the guests clustering around her for photos was the bride allowed to smile.

Kitchen Party Glam!! Outside Lusaka

Rachael was a guest at the kitchen party and my client because I wrapped her pumps and made her a bangle for this occasion.  She had a pretty dress made from the Chitenge picked by the bride. 



The brides dress was made by Zambian Designer (Fay Designs)

Congratulations to the bride and groom and God bless!!

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God bless!



  1. Ilove the vibrant colours of the bride's outfit and also the venue. Proud to be Zambian and cant wait for mine in a couple of years to come.

    1. Hi thankx for stopping by. I'll def follow. Proud Zambians we are :-). The choices of colours were preety.

  2. Thats my brother Waza and my now sister in law Fay....Her dress rocked!!!

  3. omg this is too fab AFRICA we getting there

  4. wow love your work and would love you to mine as well for my kitchen party atire

  5. Everything looks fabulous. God bless the works off your hands