Topic: What is your greatest frustration with your tailor?

Lets talk!!

The end result is excellent or a total disaster. Soo many times we have been asked to recommend a tailor. Question you ask yourself is..should I??  I have used several tailors..and with each I have had different experiences.  My mum used to sew some of my clothes and my God mother still sews and to me they have always been perfect with their work..they did it at home and not in a rush.

So for tailors that are taking it as a commercial business..the story changes.  So tell me guys...WHAT ARE YOUR GREATEST FRUSTRATIONS WITH YOUR TAILOR????????????



  1. I think its always bad receiving something that isnt exactly your size... I once had a chitenge material which had birds in it, what the guy did, he made some birds go upside down in my shirt it that was really a bother

  2. Thats sad. Well i guess regardless of what happens adjustments have to be made or you have to find an alternative...plan B