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So I have been very quiet lately on the blogging side..sorry. That’s mainly because I have been focusing on my business (Chitenge shoe wrapping) and other obvious things like being a mom and wife. Yes, I know this has been a well kept secret but I became a mom on the 16th of August 2011.

Apart from that, everyone knows how end of July to end of November has almost every weekend booked with something happening.  I was  honored to be a bridesmaid for a long time friend (Ene).  I have been a part of kitchen parties/bridal showers and matebetos.  I have also been been tryna connect with family and friends during bereavement.

I always feel I should take my blog to the next level in terms of what I blog about and what people mainly love reading about. One thing I’ve been highly requested to do are more frequent posts like when I started...I would do up to 31 posts in a month...which I am more than willing to do. One thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes one maybe completely clueless when it comes to choosing prints..or what designs suit them.

Another part of my life that I have been blessed with is having an opportunity to speak to my mentors..female of course.  I was able to attend a LEAN IN  seminar that was organized by Alchemy Women In Leadership.  I also attended the Corporate Heels High tea were I met up with young ladies like myself.  Networking is surely an important part of life be it in the professional or business.  Being a wife, mother, a professional and enterprenuer one may struggle to find the balance with all.  But somehow by Gods grace I do. 

So, keep your eye glued to my blog for more. I’m so excited about this.


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