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the past week & weekend have been busy.  I have had to make extra time for this hobby of wrapping shoes/revamping them into Chitenge shoes and work.  I am always glad to share the projects and the finished product.  Its a pity my camera was down so I had to use a friend (Musonda) to take pics for me.  One good thing about attending lady group meetings/functions is one gets to met wonderful people, you exchange contact details and you basically network.  There is definately power in networking.  Sometime back I met a lady/tailor who makes handbags and purses that she sells in Pick n Pay and Melissa.  She makes all of them with Chitenge.  She accidentally came across my wrapped chitenge shoes..and yes she was blown away.  We did not hesitate to meet up.   During our meet up she brought out a pair of black wedges..really old I must say.  So we decided to work together I revamped her wedges with a bangle and she made a purse for herself.  We will definately be working together in the future.  What I like about this is meet up and making of 2 products that can go together is we both gave each other a few tips.  She loved my fresh ideas and I will be meeting her to give her some trendy designs of purses.  Meeting new people is amazboz!

 Picture of the purse, wedge and bangle.

 The past weekend was also an entire blessing to me.  My sis-in-law was having her bridal shower breakfast.  The committee ladies wanted to look glam from head to toe.  I am always willing to assist in that area.  So here are a few pictures of the shoes I did, the earrings, bangles and Alice bands. Regardless of it being a  Breakfast function...the Chitenge outfit in Zambia will always be worn.

 Pump with a gold tip

 Then another lesson I had is that I have to stock up on more Chitenges. I kept telling myself that ladies are picky with prints..but i guess its still good to keep some Chitenge stock. This red and yellow zipper heel is for a lovely customer who came home and said she had a yellow dress and she needed a chitenge shoe. I loved the story she told me..She loooves this shoe. Thank God I had this piece packed away.

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hope you had a fab weekend!!
Have a fab week


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