KaKKi Revamping

Hello..I am proudly Zambian.  I totally love our African prints and fabric. The use of Chitenge/Ankara and other African prints to create wonderful products was born out of this love.

 Once again my blog invites you to take a journey through my world, navigate through the various posts and get inspired.  Get ideas to change your wardrobe.  I also invite friends to share in this world of Chitenge delight.

Ladies, you know those favorite shoes of yours that you have rocked. Mmmhmmm, we all have them. :-). They probably look old now and might even be peeling, but you still hold them dear to your heart. Don't discard such shoes. Send them over to us and when we are done weaving our magic on them, you wouldn't recognize your shoes. The guys are not left out too. We can also Revamp shoes and slippers for you because we like our men looking different and unique. *wink*

Preparing for that special occasion? KaKKi can add a touch of uniqueness with our customized touch to your shoes. Be different and adorn yourself with revamped KaKKi shoes. They add a whole new look to your overall outfit.

We hope you have a swell time here. We would appreciate it if you follow us and also drop your comments.

Have a fab day!!!


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