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Hi lovies...
over the weekend I did some shoes and accessories for some lovely ladies.  I also worked on some sample slippers.  Like I have said before, each shoe I work on has a different story...each shoe I work on improves my skill.  Any old shoe must be special which makes it dear to customers heart and hard to let go.  At the same time..each shoe I revamp teaches me something new all the time.

Thee 'blessed lady' (a customer)is someone I want to tell you about today.  Shez a banker,  vibrant and free spirited, very religious person and this past weekend she taught me something.  She really wanted chitenge loafers os i did the do.  There is no 'can't in my vocabulary!!
 Very often ladies buy shoes..n shoes..n more shoes.  We have soo many shoes on our shoe racks..under the boxes or even in cases etc.  I love shoes!!  I started my hobby by revamping one old shoe that was 'given' to me by my niece Natasha little did I know that the give word will come back to me.  Let me ask you this..When you buy a shoe (pumps, heels, wedges, loafers,slippers) what happens to some of your old shoes that have had dust for over 3 months??  I still revamp a few or keep making a collection.  So while we are at it with the KaKKi shoe collection lol! Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Saint Laurent,PRADA,Sara Jessica Parker,Chloe, Valentino, Nine West, Alexander McQueen... Jet pumps, Mr. Price pumps...BATA lol!  The list goes on and the shoe love grows.  Why don't we commit to giving.  What I learnt is this lady loves shoes so what she does is each shoe she buys has to have one old shoe given away.  So if she buys 2 new shoes..2 are given away. or she mentioned her mother visits the prison once a week; so at the prison some women are released every now and then so she always makes sure that once a month some of her old things find their way to the prisons...and shoes are priority.

So she brought a pair of NEW shoes... ie loafers for me to revamp.  Wow!!So must i call it revamp and!! But regardless, giving is always good.  I thank God for my customers.  My cousin ave me a shoe..i revamped it and i did not give/ bless anyone else with a shoe a changed woman now.
Thanks 'blessed lady' for this lesson.  These are her loafers and a bangle set made for her sister.

Then another lady came to me saying she had tried to save the color of her zipper heels.  She even went to an extent of spray painting the sole/heel gold.  Why?!  She loves her heels.  She actually wanted them done for a yellow dress she needed for a function hmm never got any pics..still waiting.  At the same time, she'll be able to use them with her jeans..or any other outfit.  Bless you!!  Am glad you were happy with them.

thanks for stopping by.  Let me know if you would like to share any of your African prints pictures/inspiration.


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